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IntelliSense Drill Technology®
It's Here.

The IntelliSense® Drill is an orthopedic power drill with built-in sensing technology, making standard orthopedic surgeries safer and more cost effective.

It solves numerous problems.

The IntelliSense® Drill gives your surgeon the exact screw size.  In this picture, notice the improper screw lengths.  This happens often, up to 20-24.7% of the time     .  You may need a repeat surgery to correct the screw lengths.


The IntelliSense® Drill stops automatically when drilling through bone.  It will give your surgeon the confidence that the drill bit won't puncture important tissues on the back side of the bone that often cannot be seen.  Here, a misplaced screw is almost puncturing an artery.

The IntelliSense® Drill may eliminate the need for x-rays during surgery, reducing your exposure to radiation. It also may eliminate the need for a depth gauge during surgery, which saves time and money.  This x-ray shows some things that can go wrong in a common orthopedic surgery.

IntelliSense® is the solution.  Ask your doctor about IntelliSense Drill Technology® today!

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