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Property Description

The Property, called The “M”, was constructed in 1964. A unique structure considered a landmark in center city Casper, consists of a two-story building with precast concrete winged central core, with a full basement.

The distinctive architecture and design of the property makes it stand out from its surroundings. Its iconic 177’ steel pylon tower is visible from all directions in the Casper metro area.

The building’s designers were Charles Deaton, Architect of Denver, CO in association with Marvin Knedler, Architect of Denver, CO and J. Robert Bence, Architect of Casper, WY. The original design included specifically crafted plastic louvers (squiggle) for baffling overhead light. This installation was the first of its kind in the United States. The unique 9 leaf blades create a rotunda that is 94’ in outer diameter and 86’ inside diameter. Each blade weighs 21 tons. The building includes vaults and incinerator rooms reflecting its original purpose as a bank. Its 177’ tower has served as a time and temperature sign.

The M Building

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