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PRESS RELEASE: Casper Based McGinley Orthopedics Launches $40 million Investment Campaign Open to Wyoming Residents

CASPER, WYOMING - September, 19, 2022 - McGinley Orthopedics is on a mission to disrupt the medical field with their orthopedic surgical tools designed and manufactured in Casper, Wyoming. Founder and CEO Joseph C. McGinley, MD, PhD and a team of engineers have been replacing outdated surgical equipment in operating rooms across the country with their IntelliSense Drill Technology®. McGinley Orthopedics tools give surgeons the intelligence needed to reduce $1.5B in preventable surgical errors every year.

“We are proud to say that no other drills have patient safety built into their inherent design. The IntelliSense® Drill has been used in over 1000 surgeries contributing to less complications, faster recovery time for patients, and an overall better standard of care,” said Dr. McGinley.

McGinley Orthopedics is headquartered in the iconic “M Building” in Casper, Wyoming which recently has undergone renovations to accommodate the high tech medical device company. McGinley Orthopedics is now preparing for the next phase of growth through a Regulation A+ investment offering. This innovative, SEC qualified investment vehicle, allows for everyday investors to participate in the growth of private companies. No Wall Street finance. No Private Equity takeovers. This is an opportunity for Wyoming residents to support innovative technologies being designed and manufactured in their backyard.

“We are headquartered in Wyoming on purpose. Our growth is rooted in the great talent pool and favorable business climate that the state has to offer. Now we are excited to open up an investment opportunity for the general public to participate in our continued expansion” said Dr. McGinley.

The company plans to use investment capital to expand sales of the IntelliSense Drill Technology® and Lever Action Plate System®. Additionally, the funding will support further commercialization of new products in the company’s pipeline.

“The products we have in-market are just the beginning. We have over 71 patent families with 104 approved patents and 22 pending patents. Some of the pipeline innovations are already in a prototype stage and we are excited to get to the public. Our goal is to continue to push the idea of what is possible in orthopedic surgical tools.”

Unlike many makers of surgical tools, McGinley Orthopedics manufactures all of their products in-house. Manufacturing facilities are located just outside of Casper in Glenrock, 30 minutes from their Casper headquarters. The controlled supply chain gives McGinley the opportunity to quickly prototype new solutions and work with their customers to continually improve the technology.

You can learn more about McGinley Orthopedics’ Regulation A+ fundraising campaign by visiting The new website includes details on product lines, team members, and the plans for future growth.

“We are excited to continue growth in Wyoming by adding residents as shareholders in the company. We look at our investors as members of our team. We learn from them and in turn they become our ambassadors. Together we can change the standard of care in orthopedics,” said Dr. McGinley.

For interviews and media inquiries with Founder and CEO Joseph C. McGinley, MD, PhD please contact:

For investment inquiries please contact:

McGinley Orthopedics is a medical device company headquartered in Casper, Wyoming whose products increase patient safety while reducing costs. Its flagship product is the IntelliSense® HandHeld Robotics which is used in operating rooms across the globe.

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