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McGinley Orthopedics: Changing the Standard of Care

MedTech Outlook Top 10 Orthopedic Solution Providers - 2019

Continual medical innovation has  resulted in reliable care delivery for  today’s generation, however, it is  usually the most routine of procedures  that are overlooked and lack incremental  improvements. While pursuing his MD/PhD,  Dr. Joseph C. McGinley was first introduced  to such an issue involving common  orthopedic procedures. The premise was  a routine distal radius fracture fixation  wherein an incorrect screw length ruptured  an extensor tendon in the patient’s wrist.  Avoiding such situations requires real-time  surgeon sensation of bone drilling, multiple  manual hole measurements, and selection  of various screw sizes, a feat, which is highly  surgeon dependent and seems impossible  without X-ray imaging and continuous  monitoring. Having a diverse educational background, McGinley possessed the perfect mix of engineering and medical  skills to integrate sensor technology into existing medical equipment creating  a unique solution to this common problem.  An avid innovator by nature, McGinley’s goal was to empower orthopedic  surgeons with a hand-held robotic technology, which would fulfill his ultimate  mission to improve the standard of care and safety for patients across the  globe. He and his co-founders created IntelliSense Drill Technology®, an  orthopedic power drill that could sense bone density, provide real-time depth  measurement and prevent unintended damage to muscle and soft tissue.  The success of this technology led to the formation of McGinley Orthopedics.  Under Dr. McGinley’s leadership, McGinley Orthopedics stands today as the  new age pioneer in improving patient safety and making common orthopedic  surgeries a better experience for surgeons, patients, hospitals and insurance  companies. 

A Surgical History in the Making 

McGinley Orthopedics reduces the inefficiencies of manual orthopedic power  tools and provides surgeons with full control utilizing augmented handheld robotics. IntelliSense Drill Technology® has built-in sensing technology  making standard orthopedic surgeries safer and more cost effective. “The  IntelliSense® Drill comes equipped with depth measurement sensors, which  are accurate to 0.5mm,” explains McGinley. In Bicortical Mode, once the  sensors detect a specific change in material density, the system automatically  powers off and displays the precise depth of the drilled hole. This high level  of accuracy enables surgeons to eliminate use of the manual depth gauge and  confidently drill through bone without fear of injuring important tissues on the  far side of the bone. As a result, the IntelliSense® Drill can eliminate or reduce  the risk of misplaced or missized screws, thereby potentially decreasing the  need for repeat surgeries. The IntelliSense® Drill has several modes including  Bicortical, Set Depth, Multi-Cortex, and Freehand. This allows the IntelliSense®  Drill to be used universally and can replace conventional systems. McGinley’s ingenious innovation in precision drilling can eventually  allow surgeons to complete the surgery without the need of intraoperative  x-rays and manual depth gauges, saving patients from excessive radiation,  reoperations, and excess medical costs in common orthopedic surgeries.  Ever since it was FDA cleared and first used in 2015, the IntelliSense® Drill  has quickly spread across the country. McGinley Orthopedics is applying this  core technology in other types of surgeries requiring the highest level of  precision such as the spine. In such complex scenarios, these applications  will be able to detect and notify the surgeon when the drill has contacted  the endosteal surface of bone, which is critical for placing pedicle screws.  McGinley has also acquired a manufacturing facility to meet its internal manufacturing needs. McGinley Manufacturing has concept to production and contract  manufacturing services available to other companies. This  facility is capable of manufacturing its own products as  well as other complex medical and non-medical devices.  The team excels at creating prototypes of new designs and  problem-solving unique applications (Consultation available  at One of McGinley Orthopedics’ latest innovations is the  IntelliSense Pin Pilot®, designed to accurately place K-wires  and pins for treating patients with fractures and avoid  damaging articular surfaces. Additionally, the company is  currently finalizing a unique Lever Action Plate System®,  which will improve reduction and alignment of distal radius  fractures. Both new products have successfully completed  cadaver testing and are pending FDA review.  Another product in McGinley Orthopedics’ pipeline is the  IntelliSense Saw Technology®. This solution leverages an  adaptation of the existing technology to help surgeons safely  perform osteotomies associated with joint replacements.

Building a Patient-Centric Foundation 

McGinley Orthopedics stands on a belief patients can make  a difference and help the company change the standard of  medical care. As a result, McGinley Orthopedics empowers  patients to share their personal stories of orthopedic care.  This data can provide a voice for patients to improve the  standard of care in orthopedic surgery where missized  screws and repeat surgeries are common. The company  hosts a website ( that details several  patient stories and gives patients a platform to advocate for  change. McGinley Orthopedics is using these stories to spread  awareness among patients and compel insurance companies,  hospital administrators, and risk managers to assess current  practices and assist surgeons in improving the standard of  care.  

“The rising comfort of using the IntelliSense Drill  Technology® has already enabled several surgeons to  completely stop or significantly reduce the use of depth  gauges, intraoperative fluoroscopy, and routine x-rays,”  affirms McGinley with pride. Evidently, this has directly  resulted in faster surgeries, decreased use of radiation, and  lower surgical costs. McGinley shared a case where one  surgeon using the IntelliSense® Drill reduced the surgery time  by 30 minutes just by his ability to accurately measure holes  without a depth gauge.  

Engineering Medical Progress  

Since its launch, McGinley’s IntelliSense® Drill has witnessed  rapid adoption by surgeons around the world. “We are not  trying to compete with surgeons, but rather augment the  surgical environment with technological improvements  resulting in improved outcomes for patients and surgeons,”  adds McGinley. To fully achieve this vision, the company is  actively seeking partnerships with established companies  who can help improve access for patients across the globe.  As one patient advocate voiced, “Every orthopedic surgeon  should be using IntelliSense Drill Technology® to improve  their outcomes, every single one.”

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