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McGinley CEO | Founder Featured as a Wyoming Innovator in United Airlines Hemispheres Magazine

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The medical device industry is more typically associated with bio hubs such as San Diego and Boston, but now you can also add Casper, Wyoming, to the list, as the home of McGinley  Orthopaedic Innovations. The company currently has more than 60 patents pending, as it continues to look at how it can apply principles of engineering and design to medicine—notably in its flagship product, IntelliSense Drill Technology, which is increasingly being used around the country to improve standard surgeries with  sensing technology that stops automatically when drilling through bone, while providing surgeons with information about the exact screw size required.  

“I’d like our company to be  known as the most innovative medical device company in the industry,” says founder and CEO  Dr. Joseph McGinley. “The goal is to make surgeries safer, to improve the healthcare system,  and also reduce the cost by making things more efficient and  more effective for the patient.”

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