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PRESS RELEASE: McGinley Orthopedics first to participate in Wyoming's WIN investment initiative

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McGinley Orthopedics announced today in a joint press conference with the Wyoming Secretary of State an open investment round through the WIN program. McGinley Orthopedics is the first to participate in the state’s WIN (Wyoming Invests Now) initiative. This new program, developed through the Wyoming Secretary of State’s office, allows for companies to accept crowdfunding from accredited and non-accredited investors. Numerous states have taken advantage of similar programs, and now Wyoming is among those offering this opportunity to growing businesses. Secretary Ed Buchanan said, “The WIN program provides Wyoming companies seeking a new source of capital with an opportunity to seek out investors across the state, and the opportunity for investors to learn about and make the choice to invest in these companies. A WIN offering opens the door for businesses to raise capital from investors through equity crowdfunding - a type of investment offering that was unavailable before WIN. This initiative will help innovative Wyoming companies like McGinley Orthopedics acquire new capital”. The investment round is open as of today and information can be found at

McGinley Orthopedics is a medical device company with the goal of increasing patient safety and physician confidence through technological advances in the orthopedic field. In just five years, McGinley Orthopedics has grown and recently ranked as a "Top Key Player" orthopedic device company in QYR's 2018 research report. Its flagship product, the IntelliSense® HandHeld Robotic Drill, is designed in Casper, WY and manufactured in Glenrock, WY. The IntelliSense® HandHeld Robotic Drill has integrated sensor technology which provides real-time depth measurement for screw sizing and auto-stop features to improve surgical safety.  McGinley Orthopedics recently celebrated the 500th operating room case with the IntelliSense® HandHeld Robotic Drill.

With this innovative product, surgeons are seeing safety benefits for patients and cost benefits for hospitals. McGinley Orthopedics' CEO, Joseph C. McGinley, MD, PhD stated, “I am proud to say the latest in advanced orthopedic technology is made in Wyoming and even more proud to know that a Wyoming program like WIN will help us continue to provide the highest quality care to patients across the country through our products.”

Information on the WIN program and to become an investor can be found at

IntelliSense Drill Technology® revolutionizes orthopedic surgeries. To learn more, visit or contact Tonya Johnson, Communications Associate at

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