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American Military Medical Organization Announces MO on Federal Supply Schedule Contract

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For immediate release: 

McGinley Orthopedics and the American Military Medical Organization, LLC (AMMO,LLC) announce the award of Federal Supply Schedule Contract for the IntelliSense® Drill product line. 

We are excited that the entire McGinley Orthopedic portfolio is now available to be purchased on the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) of American Military Medical Organization. Delegated authority by the General Services Administration, the VA Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) program supports the healthcare acquisition needs of the VA and other government agencies. The FSS represents the simplest path for a VA hospital contracting officer to purchase products. 

The VA is the largest healthcare system in the United States, serving the needs of veteran patients at over 1200 facilities nationwide. The VA serves over 9 million enrolled veterans, 6.1 million of which receive healthcare at over 150 hospitals in the US. There are 400,000 medical and surgical discharges annually at these facilities. 

McGinley Orthopedics IntelliSense® HandHeld Robotics revolutionizes orthopedic surgeries. The IntelliSense® Drill has integrated sensory technology with real-time depth measurement and auto[1]stop safety features. This hand held robotic technology accurately measures depth for precise screw sizing during surgery as well as stops automatically upon breaching the far side of the bone before injuring other anatomic structures. Since its founding in 2015, McGinley Orthopedics has strived to improve patient care while reducing costs. 

With the portfolio on the FSS, McGinley Orthopedics is “on contract” at every VA hospital in the country. Reference FSS contract number 36F79718D0466 to VA contracting officers for ordering once you have clinical demand for the product. For further information, please contact:

To see the press release, visit McGinley Press Release-FSS.

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