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A Casper-Based Orthopedic Provider Promotes Innovation in the Medical Field

By Hugh Cook of Wyoming Public Radio

A Casper-based orthopedic provider is helping to advance medical technology and providing a way for people to get involved with investing in medical technologies. McGinley Orthopedics, in addition to providing traditional orthopedics services, has a manufacturing facility in Glenrock that manufactures medical devices and recently launched a private investment option to grow the company and provide returns for investors.

To date, the company has secured over 125 patents for various medical devices and technologies used in orthopedic care.

“My startup company, McGinley Orthopedics, works on developing orthopedic products and technologies that really disrupt the current practice of medicine and for the better, and helps to change the standard of care,” said Dr. Joseph McGinley, CEO of McGinley Orthopedics and president of McGinley Manufacturing. “The way I look at it is, if you have that opportunity to better care, it's great and a privilege to be able to do that.”

McGinley, who also has undergraduate and graduate degrees in mechanical engineering, found that his role as a physician is a great way to incorporate his engineering knowledge to better the field of medicine and improve patient care.

McGinley’s technologies have been developed and created locally and have been adapted in countries throughout the world, including Panama and Egypt with several more countries considering them. The company has been around for about eight years.

“Our two main products are IntelliSense drill technology [which] is [the] concept of embedding sensor technologies in orthopedic power tools to augment the surgeon’s skill set in the operating room,” he said. “It's fairly unique to have a power tool that I can put in anyone's hand and it's able to sense the material it's drilling through automatically stop and provide measurements.”

Currently only one doctor in Wyoming is using McGinley-made and designed products, but the hospital in Thermopolis has approved the usage of two products at that facility.

McGinley’s engineering team is currently working on eight or nine other technologies, including an ankle fusion system that’s scheduled to be rolled out within the foreseeable future.

Approximately 30 employees work for McGinley Orthopedics, with more expected to be added as the business grows.

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